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​Deliver your message more effectively. Abstract Productions can provide projection for standard "presentation support" (i.e. PowerPoint, slides, etc). But, why not take it to the next level? Use video projection to deliver information, create a theme, a virtual set, or scenic element. Use it for I-MAG (image magnification) of your presenter, or for video playback of pre-produced video or graphics packages for presenter introductions. In addition, new super wide-screens and multi-projector edge blending technology allow you to create scenery or virtual sets with computer graphics and animations. 


Video reinforcement or I-MAG (image magnification) is typically used when an audience would not be able to see the action, presenter, or content from their seats due to the distance away from the stage. In order to keep the audiences attention, as well as allow for visual support, video screens and cameras are used to display larger images on screens which are appropriately sized and positioned for optimum viewing. Imagine your audience enjoying the entire event as if they were in the front row!

Abstract Productions provides traditional large screen projection as well as offering some of the newest technologies in image display!

  • Standard screen sizes from 6'x8' up to 15'x20'. Both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios are possible, all in either front or rear projection formats. Special wide-screen formats are available in sizes to 60' wide!

  • Our screens are flyable, and are also available with ground support, including legs, and lifts. Specially engineered lift systems are available for outdoor use. 

  • Standard drape-kits as well as custom fabricated screen surrounds, in different sizes and shapes. 

  • Professional large-venue Video / Data projectors from 500 to 15,000 ANSI lumens including UXGA and HDTV resolution capable! Many lens options allow flexible placement of screens and projectors. Double and triple stack for projection with nearly 30,000 ANSI lumens and full time, on-line redundancy.

  • Hi-Definition ready seamless switchers, scalers, and scan converters capable of handling from 1 to 6 screens with unlimited sources! Special multi-screen seamless switching systems make complex events easy. 

  • Complete multi-camera live-switch video systems.

  • Large format LED panel technologies are rapidly becoming more popular and cost effective.


Whether your event includes a simple presentation at a lectern, or a full-scale awards show, lighting can play a big part in bringing your event to life. If your audience cannot see you, their attention will be drawn away from your message. Well designed and implemented lighting can provide both the necessary illumination to "see", but can also enhance the quality of your event by adding certain creative and motivational "looks".

Transform a traditionally plain space into an exciting show venue! For example, we take a plain white tent, ballroom, exhibit hall, or other space, add a lighting package, and make an entirely new and themed environment come to life!

Lighting is also important to your event if it will be videotaped, or projected in the form of I-MAG. We offer traditional lighting for television, video and film production as well.

Creative lighting goes beyond simple illumination. Lasers, fog, haze, intelligent moving lights, and other state-of-the-art equipment and techniques can create an entertaining and motivational look your audience will never forget! Your company logo can be projected and moved around surfaces! The entire light show can even be synchronized to a video or audio track!

Our lighting designers utilize the latest equipment from leading manufacturers.

Lighting systems can take many different forms. Very simple corporate meetings can be illuminated using just a few instruments on ground supported stands or booms. Large scale systems can use instruments hung on truss, and be flown on motors from rigged points above. No matter how large or small your event or venue may be, Abstract Productions has a lighting solution for you!



From a small system for a breakout room, to a full-scale system, we can help make sure your audience hears you perfectly!Audio reinforcement is perhaps the most important part of any show or event. If your audience cannot hear you clearly, and intelligibly, you will lose their attention. As a result, your message will also be lost. An audience should not have to "work" to hear the event. Every word, note, or effect should be heard crystal clear, as if the source was right near them. We provide quality audio reinforcement for:

  • Corporate Events

  • Outdoor Fairs and Festivals

  • Graduations

  • Tradeshows and Exhibits

  • Grand Openings

  • Tours and Road shows

  • Product rollouts

  • and more... anywhere you need uncompromised sound quality.

Each particular sound reinforcement project brings with it unique requirements and challenges. For example, covering a long hall would be very different than covering an arena in the round. Providing quality audio reinforcement is more than setting up a few loudspeakers. Anyone can set up a system and get "sound" out of it. But, what is the quality of that sound? Is it intelligible, in every seat? Specifying, sizing a system, and determining speaker placement takes skill. Often, scientific measurements of the space must be taken, and the system planned by an experienced audio engineer prior to the event. Our audio team will work closely with you to determine your needs, coverage requirements, and sound levels that the system will be expected to deliver. Then, using our experience, armed with computer modeling software, design a system suited to your event.We offer many different systems and configurations for venues of all sizes. From basic loudspeakers on stands, flying systems, time-aligned distributed delayed systems, and new line array technology, we've got you covered. We also offer rentals of sound systems and components, from a wireless microphone to a complete package. Our audio equipment inventory comes from leading manufacturers such as:

Whether your next event is taking place in a small meeting room, a long, narrow hall, a large outdoor space, Abstract Productions can help you sound your best!


  • Customizable and fully brandable virtual webcasts and webinars. No two webcasts look the same.

  • Managed registration and login

  • Engagement options: Q&A, survey, chat, social media, and more

  • Your Event Manager handles the behind-the-scenes details and takes the stress off your plate


A webcast is typically a one-way flow of information, broadcast over the internet to a large audience. The audience does not usually contribute much to the content of the webcast, which might include an audio stream, presentation slides, or video clips.

When looking for a webcasting technology provider, capacity for handling a large number of viewers is essential. Connection support, experience, and the ability to work across a variety of webcasting platforms is also very important.

Webcasts can be used to extend the reach of traditional live events so virtual attendees can watch at home as well. (Sometimes, this is also called a livestream.) Productions that have both live and virtual components are known as hybrid events.


The definition of a webinar, on the other hand, is an online interactive meeting or seminar. The content will likely be educational or training-based. The audience is typically smaller than a webcast and the audience often engages with the discussion via polling, Q&A, chat, gamification, or other collaborative means.

Webinar service providers should oversee all the audience engagement tools in addition to the basic coordination of the audio/video stream.

Hybrid Event

Productions that have both live and virtual components are known as hybrid events. Historically, hybrid events included a livestream of the in-person component that viewers watch from home. However, we’ve worked with many of our clients to reimagine hybrid events to blend the experience together in new ways for audiences who can’t attend in-person. For example, we can connect virtual attendees together for breakouts and networking sessions, or manage remote Q&A that’s read to the onsite panelists. Hybrid events are creative, engaging ways to grow your audience beyond your venue space.




No cookie cutter events here. We make sure we bring your full vision to life in your venue and virtually.


Engagement Tools


From Q&A to surveys, interactive chat to virtual breakout rooms, your event is a two-way, interactive experience for your virtual attendees.

Planning With Both Audiences In-Mind


Post-Event Data


Valuable analytics on your virtual attendees’ engagement.

Registration Services

Custom registration, login, and pre-event reminder emails for your virtual attendees.

Virtual Presenter Training & Support

With compatibility checks and speaker trainings, your virtual presenters will feel comfortable and prepared.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​

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